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Arch Summit 2018: Bridging the gap between corporates and startups

Arch Summit

Just in time for tomorrow

On 3- 4 May 2018, the inaugural Arch Summit brought 200 Startups and Scaleups together with hundreds of tech companies and multinationals for a dynamic two-day programme of innovation showcases, startup pitch competitions, keynote speeches, and tech roundtables. The vision was to connect startups with decision-makers from the world’s leading companies to accelerate innovation in corporations and drive growth for startups. Arch Summit was conceptualized by Tomorrow Street CEO, Warrick Cramer to give startups a platform to interact with decision-makers that can help accelerate their business. “It’s normally very difficult for startups to meet corporate CEOs directly. They have to work their way up the chain, and many CEOs are blind to the startups that are out there,” said Warrick Cramer, CEO, Tomorrow Street. “ Tomorrow Street is part of Vodafone as well as Technoport, so we can connect to a network of global suppliers, investors and startups.” Four months passed between the event’s concept to its completion. Even in this short span of time, Arch Summit was successful thanks to Tomorrow Street’s team dedication and motivation, its partners and resources. It was an idea that everyone supported and worked hard to make happen for the benefit of innovation. Warrick Cramer, CEO of Tomorrow Street commented, “Innovation is a field in which it’s easy to get lost. In business, remaining focused is essential to ensure success. So, the focus of Arch Summit was particularly on areas of business like the internet of things, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity that fit with large corporations’ need to pull innovation into the procurement business.”

An arch over the gap

The corporate and startup worlds often appear very far apart. Startups struggle to navigate their way through the complex structures of global companies to find the key corporate decision-makers. Meanwhile, the same decisionmakers are often actively seeking startup solutions, yet they cannot find them because of the loss of visibility within layers of the company. Arch Summit aspires to bridge this gap by creating a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas to engage with executives seeking new products to deliver value to their companies. As the digital age accelerates, the need to find and deliver the right solutions to improve customer experience is crucial to the strategies of all multinational firms. Arch Summit provides the perfect platform to find these latest solutions.

Award-winning innovation
Highlighting the disruptive impact of tech innovation, Arch Summit gave out the Disruptive Startup Award. The €150,000 award was won by London-based Verv, a mature-stage startup that seeks to improve the idea of the domestic smart meter by creating a home energy assistant. It measures the efficiency of each electrical appliance in the home while predicting expected electricity consumption up to 24 hours ahead to use artificial intelligence to manage electrical power. It improves efficiency, cost and minimizes the home’s carbon footprint. Arch Summit also granted the Whoopi Goldberg Female Empowerment Award of €50,000 to StarTalers. This Luxembourgish startup aims to combat gender inequality through sustainable financial investments. The StarTalers program consists of a virtual coach and advisor program that provides financial education, portfolio development tools and a network of women professionals to increase opportunities for women while empowering them to confidently invest! The third prize, Dell Technologies Social Impact Award, celebrated how technology is able to tackle the social issues of today’s world. The Belgian startup Qompium won the €50,000 award by presenting their low-cost, scalable and user-friendly health phone applications. Their main app, FibriCheck, uses a smartphone camera to detect the warning signs of dangerous medical conditions such as strokes.

Arch 2019
Startups and corporations alike could feel the power and impact that came from their first reunion in 2018. Arch Summit returns on 3-4 April 2019 to continue shaping the tech industry. In 2019, prepare to be amazed. Featuring exhibitions in areas of internet of things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 5G, robots, mobility, blockchain, virtual reality and augmented reality; Arch Summit will connect its attendees with unique opportunities to witness the latest tech solutions. Network with business leaders from IBM, Google, Nokia, Dell and many more. Startups will have the chance to compete again to win 100K€ in revenue with a global company.

Written by Jerome Bloch, CEO 360Crossmedia