Partnering with late-stage startups to propel them to the next level

Portfolio Companies

LB Networks

Network performance analytics solution driving improved customer experience and reduced costs.

Contact: David Hill - Vice President, Luxembourg


A cloud platform enabling large companies to collaborate closely with their suppliers on key projects.

Contact: Alex Short - Chief Marketing Officer, Luxembourg


Creating private networks for Enterprises, enabling private and secure IoT-enabled connectivity, and all managed with the ease of WiFi.

Contact: Ryley MacKenzie- CEO, Luxembourg


A safe entertainment platform for children – games, videos, and secure chat in one place.

Contact: Mahesh Ramachandra - Chief Product Officer, Luxembourg

Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers’ products deliver live video streaming over ultra low bandwidths, and include live bodycam, vehicle and safe city solutions. Typically delivering bandwidth savings of more than 50%, the products are a natural fit with an IOT strategy and make wireless video surveillance a reality. The base technology was designed for security and defence, but has much wider applications. It also includes edge-AI analytics such as facial recognition, enhancing cloud platforms. Existing customers include government and commercial organisations in more than forty countries.

Contact: John Sharpe