Tomorrow Street brings together a diverse network of partners and sponsors to achieve a common goal of driving positive change in the world around us


In 30 years, a small mobile operator in Newbury has grown into a global business and one of the most valuable brands in the world. Vodafone is now the largest transcontinental telecommunications company in the world, supplying communications connectivity and solutions to over 500 million consumers and enterprises across 150 countries.

Vodafone’s services encompass a broadrange of connectivity, from mobile to broadband and fixed line.

In an increasingly connected world, Vodafone’s network allows people to share images and videos as soon as they’re captured; to share thoughts and feelings as soon as they’re created.

Technoport is a technology-oriented business incubator that aims to bridge your ideas to success.

Technoport has been supporting entrepreneurs since 1998 in validating business ideas, launching start-ups, and growing their business internationally.

They do this by providing a mix of support services like coaching, access to networks of suppliers, business leads, investors, and resellers. we manage over 16.000 sqm of professional infrastructures going from office space to industrial manufacturing halls; a unique post-industrial co-working space hosting several hackathons per year as well as a XL-Fablab, a digital manufacturing laboratory for rapid prototyping where you can access a unique set of tools and expertise in Luxembourg. We also run a Digital Experience Studio (DX-Studio) – a test-bench to validate innovative digital customer experiences and related business opportunities.

Over the past five years, Technoport has received over 750 applications and officially approved 42 new companies in the incubator with 24 leaving successfully.