Tomorrow Street is strategically positioned in Kirchberg - the business hub of Luxembourg City. Located on the top floor of Vodafone’s global procurement building, our office is designed to combine professionalism and creativity through a semi-open floor plan that promotes privacy and collaboration between Tomorrow Street’s cross-functional business experts and start-ups.


Features include:

  • Acoustically designed private working areas
  • Coworking space
  • Themed pods with VC equipment
  • Four fully equipped board rooms

Tomorrow Street's placement in Luxembourg is a choice by design, where the ecosystem provides the perfect gateway from which to launch innovation across the EU and the globe.

 Luxembourg:  A Driver of Innovation

Luxembourg is a world leader in the digital revolution due to its ability to quickly capitalize on emerging technologies by providing strong support for innovative companies.


in the world in global innovation


funding awarded for innovative companies to 2020


in the world in IT readiness

Data base


top-tier data storage centres



annual BN government spend on research

Luxembourg as
an epicenter of business

  • Largest investment fund centre in the world after the USA
  • 70% EU wealth within a 700 km radius
  • 100 million customers within a 250 km radius
  • Lowest VAT in Europe
  • Customized startup assistance and investment incentives
  • 60 double taxation treaties globally
  • Banks hold €760 billion in assets

 Luxembourg:  Life and Culture


Luxembourg combines modern architecture with remnants of its deep medieval history. The castle walls in the city centre overlook the greenery of the valley of the rivers Alzette and Petrusse, where many bars and restaurants are located. The city is also the cultural heart of the country and is host to many museums, art galleries, and historical sites.


Luxembourg is very cosmopolitan – in fact, over 45% of residents are not native to the country. A diversified population offers a diversified test market, and Luxembourg’s provides startups with a unique opportunity to simulate international response and formulate growth strategies.


Luxembourg's culture centers on eating and drinking- offering the most Michelin restaurants per-capita in the world.


The beautiful landscapes of the Luxembourgish, French, or German countryside provide nearby tranquility with pristine lakes, forested hills, and valleys of vineyards.


At the crossroads of Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Luxembourg is a pool of highly skilled and multilingual talent.

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